With our patented technology, we have solved eternity band sizing! 

 Our rings adjust automatically providing a fit made just for you. Finger sizes will change but your eternal fit will remain, conquering the test of time.


With a background in technology and jewelry, we sought out to create a product that solves an age-old problem, sizing. Through finding a solution we knew we could deliver a product worthy of a lifetime investment. The Eternal Fit was created to solve the hurdle of purchasing eternity bands and rings in general. Our products are designed to fit perfectly on your finger regardless of life events that may increase or decrease your ring size. Weight gain, weight loss, hormonal fluctuations, alcohol, salty meals, high humidity, arthritis, or injured fingers are no longer relevant!

Our Eternal Fit rings use a patented sizing technique that allows each of our rings to expand and contract, smoothly situating itself on your finger. Our unique ring-to-spring technology grows and shrinks as you grow and shrink! We have created our rings to be extremely durable without jeopardizing the fine and exclusive feel. You will never feel the difference.

Life comes at you fast and often leaves your most exquisite possessions behind, with The Eternal Fit your most cherished rings will last the lifetime it was intended.


Jesse de Leon

Co-Founder & CEO